Gear reduction

Has anyone found the part numbers to order the gear reduction gears that the mav xmr have? They have a 14% in the low gears which I have the …read more

A-ARM Bushings

I found out my bushings were trashed at 2500 miles so I put some garage products bushings in. He claims they are lifetime bushings and I believe they have a …read more

Rad Relocate Kit

Hey guys im thinking of putting my rad at the back of my bike and was wondering if anyone knows if rubber down customs or pine power sports still make …read more

ITP Evolution Tires

Why does Can Am not use these tires on Commander……..much better tire than stock ATV tires.


Product Description:
Innovative new non-directional design for awesome traction.

Smooth riding, superb handling 8-ply-rated radial …read more

2012 Commander CLUTCH

New full rebuild

New roller bushings
New button slide washer One Way Bearing kit Lockup Mod
Dalton DBC1000 Kit

Paid over 600.00 for mods
Text 8016042943
Pick up in Las Vegas erea
I …read more